marți, 19 aprilie 2011

The beauty of nature...

The beauty of nature is to be found between human talking and human silence.

When men talk about the beauty of nature, it is veiled by the category of beautiful things. So that it becomes easily confounded with those things that are beautiful without a special effort of their maker. And also there is presupposed that it really exists such a worker of the beauty of nature.

It is difficult to men to not talking even when they keep silence. Thus, they can keep silence in respect of the beauty of nature with great effort. The highest pick of their effort will be the use of other forms of language than the common praise of a beauty thing. For instance, there are the languages of music, poetry, painting or some philosophical accounts.

Even more difficult it is the restrain to not build such languages as loudly spoken forms of common language. It is not easy to resist to a large amount of hearer that can receive only messages that can be molded together with the common language.

Therefore, the beauty of nature still escapes when it is approached by the alternative languages, too.

The tendency of nature to escape from the human attempts to speak about its beauty may be its beauty. The continuous retreat of a thing from its possession may count as a criterion of beauty. Surely, the possession has to be wanted by someone.

The alternative languages are forms of expressing human desires. The common language is closer to express the departure of men from the real apprehension of things.

Even the nature of man is a part of the beauty of nature. So, the human nature altogether may be ignored when it is spoken about by using the common language.