duminică, 8 mai 2011

the knowledge...

The knowledge has not only one direction, from the object to the subject or from the subject to the object, or both of them at the same time.

Actually, there is not the case of restraining knowledge according to some directions.

Any cognitive act attests a self-loosing once it comes close to one of these terms: subject and object. And it comes close whenever it is attempted an explanation of knowledge.

There is not a subject in itself or an object in itself. Not because of the fact that the subject has some faculties and the object some properties. In fact, there are some instances which vindicate the role of the subject. It is the role of speaking as a subject of knowledge. Accordingly, there are instances of objects that claim together to be taken as the object itself.

A great part of knowledge encompasses only a set of contests between subjects and objects. The discovery of the real subject and the real object escapes from the strict borders of knowledge.

Such a discovery just shows the ways subjects and objects use for gaining the primacy.

But their consideration as ways of knowledge is wrong. They deal with the knowledge only in their beginning and we may say that they do so at their margins, not in their core.

Therefore, an account of the way of contesting for real subjects and objects would ignore the classical epistemological problems. It will be responsible for describing those relations between human beings often confined to ethics, and the physical relations between objects. However, this account will not be an ethical one, or a physical one.