vineri, 6 mai 2011

The Play with Unreal Things

An unreal thing seems real when it is moved.

An unreal thing cannot actually be moved, as well as it does not exist.

But it seems in movement because of its movers. Also, because of the thoughts or acts moving around it. Nobody could say if the thing itself is the cause of such a movement.

When the movers want to prove its existence, they move the unreal thing further and further.

The one who opposes to the movers could prevail over them only by standing unmoved. The lack of movement often involves keeping silence. Therefore, the final opposition to an unreal thing comes to be the retreat of words and thoughts. This is a way of escaping reality, too. We may call it as another unreal thing.

And the need of distinguishing an unreal thing from another often leads to a movement that vivifies both things. Maybe a great part of human thinking feeds from this play with unreal things.