duminică, 12 iunie 2011

Note on the Chain of Beliefs

The demonstration does not primarily succeed by its power to support the truth of some proposition.

It stands as a reliable form of discourse mainly because of its power of bringing to a halt the tendency of language to multiply itself in an indefinite way.

The undemonstrative discourse does not oppose to the demonstrative one by positing intuitive truths.

The natural enemy of demonstration is in fact the uncontrolled chain of suppositions or beliefs. Also, it is their power of moving on free of any final term on the basis of a set of other beliefs and so on.

The limits of the chain are extraneous to the process of gathering beliefs. For instance, one limit may be the tediousness of the person or persons who extend the chain. Another cause may be the extension of the chain in different areas than those that constituted the original subject matters. The chain often is prolonged in the area of ad hominem arguments.