sâmbătă, 30 iulie 2011

Note on the Tender Thought

Could be a tender thought wholly wrong? Almost no one would qualify simply as wrong such a thought; even if it would commit a gross error.

Is a tender thought tolerated just in the name of its well intention? Partially, yes. However, a different explanation could be that that such a thought is close to the suitable ways of searching for truth.

The shyness through which the tender thought appears is also a main feature of acquiring knowledge. Any claim of the privilege possessed by the reality is also a shy step backward.

Nonetheless, the shyness of knowledge before the things to be known is doubled by the audacious progress in knowing them (at least, it should be doubled, because the shyness often drives to a total retreat in conceptual frames).

The tender thought is not an affective manifestation. It becomes so, whenever it is not doubled by courage. By a move of recoiling into the person who gave birth to a tender thought, it comes to be isolated as that person is as an individual and finally is refuted as thoroughly as there is refuted any wrong thought. Specifically, a tender thought is refuted together with its proponent. We recognize this every time when we tolerate and equally isolate the tender religious believers.