miercuri, 3 august 2011

Note on Culture

A strictly personal point of view easily becomes a common one when it is classified among other personal perspectives.

Consequently, its force as a definite position because of its peculiarity decays. If we cannot say that we have already heard some similar claims, it is easy to say that we heard a lot of personal points of view many times.

This habit of ignoring personal perspectives drives to a corresponding view of the matters about which there are such perspectives.  They have to be classified in some category or another or they have to fulfill some general requirements of objectivity.

Therefore, we have the habit of gladly receiving all the subject matters which do not imply a particular attention because of their uncommon meaning. Only the topics that can be put under a preconceived list of topics raise the interest in them. So, it was built the concept of culture. And the proud of a gradual possession of much or less culture substitutes the necessity of expressing a personal point of view.

There is not the problem of how we can rise above our dominant culture, but rather how we can renounce to the comfort of solving the tribulations of expressing a personal view with the help of the behavior that gives birth to the culture.

For this behavior is so familiar to us, that it cannot be even recognized as such. It slips through the supposed inner and personal thoughts, too.

Its large spreading contributes to its reception as the normal frame of developing ourselves. Certainly, the total ignorance of the way we adopt and create culture would be a lack in knowing humanity.

The most remarkable sign of the necessity of going outside of the cultural habit is the simple fact of our individual bodily existence. It always stands apart from the cultural behavior because it cannot be reduced to any general cultural value.