joi, 10 noiembrie 2011

Note on Details

Could be acquired a better knowledge of a particular man by gathering all the details of his life?

The multitude of facts would rather require to follow the alternative approach of interpreting his life by general features inferred by particular ones. In other words, it will be used the standard process of generalization as a result of the supposed bewildering confusion of facing the individual things.

But such a process of gathering never can be a pure one. For gathering details, it is needed a progressive support on some general methods of approaching them. The generality will be expressed by the general statements. Even if these general statements would be focused on some parts of one’s life, nothing stated as regards the human life can be isolated by a view of it as a whole.

As a consequence, the details do not help us for adopting a general view on their basis, but rather to confirm our general and ungrounded statements formulated on the way of gathering details.

Perhaps the same thing occurs in the case of discussing the reality, providing that the reality should be conceived with the same unity proved by human life.

And there is always difficult to speak about different realities, because it seems to ruin the very notion of reality.