luni, 14 noiembrie 2011

Note on Immoral Facts

An immoral fact should distinguish from other facts by an incongruence with their linear course, especially with the facts that belong to a similar context. For it is supposed that immoral facts track upon them those aspect that make them salient candidates for being qualified as immoral.

But not any immoral fact proves such incongruence. Many are in fact compatible with the course of neuter facts.

For instance, the betrayal appears rather as a minor change of facts done by the betrayer. He serves one master and leaves another one, but he serves in each case.

Even the homicide can find a way of showing as a compatible fact with all those imply renouncing to a man, since it is compatible with all other neuter facts of excluding one person from your life, as that of leaving a friend, the parents, etc., in each case with no moral implications.

Seemingly, they remain immoral facts only for the persons involved or affected. Such persons are able to maintain their immoral character, just as long as they refuse to look to the course of facts.