vineri, 11 noiembrie 2011

Note on Memory

The wish for being in others’ memory is not the wish for remaining an image of you.

It is rather the wish for persistence as such. The persistence is generally of some object, but someone hoping or wishing to persist in memory neglects such condition, since only an image of a person could represent a real object.

The persistence without object can pretend to have the consistence of an object only by an intrusion among other objects. They are the object possessed by those who should keep the memory of someone else. There are the objects of the present thoughts that still can be put in images. Between objects can pass away everything, or rather the passage and the coming to be are really known at once with the recognition of the existence of an interval between objects. ‘Man’ and ‘death’ cannot say something about human mortality, if they would not leave between them the space for thinking of dying man and of death coming to the man, both of them without being objects.

As Socrates wished at his trial, one who wants to be present in others’ memory may hope in passing through their objects with the intensity needed for moving them further.