luni, 28 noiembrie 2011

Note on Moral Discussions

One of unsolved problems of morality is the difficulty of behaving in such a manner, so that no one of bad circumstances of life can affect one’s life. This problem arose first in Greek tragedies and received different and eventually useless answers in Greek philosophy.

If it is abandoned for discussing instead which are the best ethical decisions or actions, the problem persists, since the less discussed life of a man has to encounter exactly such bad and unpredicted circumstances.

The fear of living without a clear prospective of what will happen in the future disappears from the moral analyses of actions and decisions, but not in virtue of their primacy in the moral behavior, but rather because they are subject matters that can be discussed.

The passage from a day to the next unpredicted ones seems to be facilitated by the implicit expectation that all the unpredicted events will become matters that can be discussed. They will be called by their name – for instance, as one kind or another of distress, as illness, as death -, so that they seem to be still in our control. The moral discussions about decision and action strengthen the sense of mastering the future events, but they are far away from the problem of confronting the unpredicted future. The problem is only ignored.

Ignoring this problem, they place themselves on a secondary position in respect of approaching one’s life, since they appear after the linguistic way by which the man detaches from his own life. For words cannot belong only to a particular individual.