miercuri, 23 noiembrie 2011

Note on Moral Questions

One who prefers living without the question of morality has to watch on his life as impetuously as moral judgment and moral judges do.

The moral constraints could keep the life in the clear-cut shapes, so that it comes to appear as an understood and meaningful reality.

Excluding morality in its judgmental aspect, the life cannot be shaped up by the simple rational calculation of the benefits resulted from our actions.

The rational calculation is weaker. Moreover, it detaches the agent from his actions, since they become the objects of analysis. The rationalized actions do not substitute the need of rationalizing the agent himself in the minimal sense of being able to dominate his life in a meaningful way.

As a result, the sheer stupidity in managing your own life often arises after one implicitly prefers to be indifferent to the moral questions.

Therefore, Socratic moral questions are still a good beginning in watching on your own life; even they will not receive an answer, but only help someone to advance in what we vaguely represent as self-knowledge.