marți, 15 noiembrie 2011

Note on Presence and Perception

The present moment of time cannot provide an explanation of one’s life, though it is supposed to express its most actual state of being. According to its present, the life is so blatantly exposed as a life, that it cannot be discussed as a life of some kind or another.

We have the same condition as that regarding perceptions, all undoubtedly true in the moment of their activity.

In a way or another, lives and perceptions may be falsified or shadowed by something out of their presence and of their real activity in order to become subject matters of our discourses.

It would result that the moral discourse about a life cannot be thoroughly true or fitted to its object in its most actual state. Likely, the epistemological use of perception, even if it directs to some truths, starts from a state of at least a partial falsehood.