miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2011

Note on the Voice of Conscience

The voice of conscience should not utter a discourse.

If it is considered as a source of a moral discourse, it will assume a discursive nature. It never could point to the guilt in an intuitive away, since it is a recall of a past wrongdoing, hardly to be conspicuously showed in the present life of the guilty person.

Given its discursive nature, the voice of conscience does not fulfill the role of a pure condemnation, but rather has the positive import of accustoming the guilty person to the sudden interruption of her current behavior whenever she feels the past guilt.

Moreover, if it is considered that the voice of conscience is a moral discourse, then it plays the role of instilling in the guilty person the forgetting of the past guilt, since the words bring it in the present time; with the consequence of diminishing the power of the past over the present.