vineri, 25 noiembrie 2011

Note on Words

If there is expected that some words of a person to change the life of another or some to relieve one’s pain, there are not expected some precise words that would be by themselves able to solve the problem, though they do this.

They solve it as a result of the meeting of the persons involved, as well as an outcome of the fact that expectation comes together with a former life or a pain.

The meaning of the words is just secondary to all these.

The so called problems of philosophy should arise from similar conditions, if they want to be solved through words.

Facing the difficulty of being apart from the generality of the discourse adopted in philosophy, a philosophical problem should be imagined as answering to someone that expects to be saved by the words, one that put his life or a deep feeling as pain in such expectation.

It does not mean that the philosophical discourse will become a consolation, but that the problems and the words chosen for solving them will not find satisfaction in the easier success of matching meanings in propositions and arguments. The words would be used with the care of placing their meanings in the midst of what is meaningful.