marți, 1 noiembrie 2011

Note on the world and science

The tendency of speaking about the world as a large all comprehending realm originates in the loose of ownership over what belongs to someone. For instance, the world is the measure invoked when the grief or the happiness are hardly to be contained in a particular or limited state of facts.

If the scientific methods of subduing parts of the world are understood as means of taking the world into your own possession, then the science would not be entitled to speak about world.

If it speaks, it does so because of it is often found as expressing the looseness of one’s or, generally, of human beings properties and attributes. The scientific explanation of the body under the form of a medical inquiry follows one’s looseness of his possession over the biological life because of a disease.

Therefore, the precise language of sciences bears the imprecise features pertaining to the looseness of a human being that search for a help by using it.

The desirable economy of language in sciences may be interpreted as a sign of such looseness. At the same time, it is a sign that the large world has to be abandoned for other kind of world, one that can be individual’s own world.

But the science is just of sign that points to this world; it has not the power to constitute it, since it appears on the ground of a previous looseness.