vineri, 16 decembrie 2011

Note on the Deeper Sense of Life

Attempting to establish a deeper sense to some facts of life often means to make those facts subject matters for a story. The story doubles the facts on the level of words.

When someone scrutinizes his own life for finding a deeper sense, it is equally possible to say that he merely doubles his life on the level of words.

The moral sense of a story would be the result of a secondary reflection about a life that has been already amplified through words. The life itself remains untouched by a moral sense.

And the supposed inner inquiry lies outside the life itself, too. As a consequence, it can be considered as an intrusion in the external wordy life. The intrusion is easier as long as it conquers a place in the already discussed facts, so that the inner inquiry often assumes an adversative attitude, which is often expressed by attributing a positive moral value to your own life. Moreover, the positive moral value benefits from the previous amplification of life through words.