duminică, 29 ianuarie 2012

The Dissatisfaction with the Human Reality

The dissatisfaction with the human reality does not intervene in one’s life as a result of a strong argumentation and not necessary as a contradiction between what he expects from reality and what it offers to him.

It occurs when the man cannot follow the interconnections of facts that support human affairs as parts of a valuable reality.

Some particular facts that seem impossible to sustain one’s purposes of living in the human reality are not sufficient for turning him to dissatisfaction. For instance, many times, even the death of the dearest does not modify someone’s course of life in a substantial way. But it does so the discontent with the manner by which such particular event mixes with other ones.

Any fact concerning human reality is diminished in his importance once it is separated from all others. Because such a fact taken in isolation reclaims to be judged by the man in the same isolation. And who could claim that a political goal, the success in a social practice or even in a love affair deserves the effort of his entire existence, without being supported by anybody else or by nothing?  It is needed at least a firm confidence in the discourses about the high values involved in such human purposes.

The loss of confidence in the joints of human facts is often caused by an intense attention to the alternative ties. The musical structures, the harmony of colors, the concordance of poetical images, the flow of religious myths, or the inferences of thought can be assumed till to the point of substituting one’s attachment to the interconnections of facts. Therefore, the real dissatisfaction with them needs not to be expressed as such. The complain about human reality is a delay in building its alternatives.