duminică, 22 ianuarie 2012

Note on the Efficient Thought

The inefficiency of a thought can be calculated according to the amount of facts that are moved by it, but do not come back as subject-matters of thought.

For a thought has to preserve its nature in order to be recognized its work over the things of the world.

Therefore, it should be refuted the common idea that the efficient thoughts could be measured by the facts done due to their action.

Thus, the efficient thoughts are those that descend into the world just as much as it is needed for restituting the reality to the thought.

And such descent could not be realized when it is intended to take as much as possible from the things moved, since one deepens into the world as long as he is attentive to the world that speaks through the human discourses.

It is known from Heraclitus that the world does not speak by itself. It only provides signs. When the things are taken together with their verbal representation in human discourses, the thought cannot find itself.  It is already troubled by the necessity of expressing itself as if it would be beyond the language.