luni, 23 ianuarie 2012

Note On the Life Experience

If the life experience is conceived as a continual acquisition of images, the most experimented man would possess the greatest collection of them.

Even if he has to discern those that are appropriate for a particular case, does he ever renounce to the sense of multitude in his judgment?

The weight of his pronouncements would still bear the weight of those images ignored as unnecessary for the present case.

And his voice would be more authoritative in virtue of the same images.

Paradoxically, the authority of an experimented man closes to the man who has a limited experience of images, since the last attempts to multiply those few images that have impressed upon him a vivid effect in virtue of their novelty. He multiplies them through numerous judgments and heights of voice.

As a result, the beginning of a life experience should be cautious in not searching for the accumulation of images.

Whereas the images are mainly produced by the things that are different from what primarily belongs to an individual, it would derive that an experience best prevented from the amount of impressive images should occur rather when the man travels inside the boundaries of the reality that can be apprehended as belonging to him.