luni, 9 ianuarie 2012

Note on the Ethical Condemnation

The ethical condemnation of one person saliently known as a wrong doer is often due to the visible character of her life.

The evil person opens a space of visibility that tempts others to occupy by condemnation in order to benefit themselves from it. For the condemnation is one of the strongest forms of conquering a public space.

Also, in that space are gathered all the moral values, wrongly conceived as visible measures of human lives. But none of them are presented as they should function, in the backward of human lives, modeling them.

In this case, the prosecuted immoral person has instead the duty of revealing the invisible moral values. Contrary to the conquering tendency of moral condemnation, the space of invisibility would be one in which the man is defeated.

Notice that the mystical ascension is performed by those who assume their immorality and retreat themselves from the visible public space. Mysticism means to be defeated by God. And it is believed that only a mystical effort could meet the author of the supreme and ultimate moral condemnation.