marți, 17 ianuarie 2012

On the Written Life

The belief in a course of life already written is partly determined by the observation of the recurrent cosmic processes.

But such belief does not require knowing how the processes occur, if they follow some laws or not. It is sufficient to have the memory of some of their elements that repeatedly return in similar form.

They allow a general judgment because of the strange experience they inflict into the men, who are rather accustomed to speak about their own course of life as one that is freely  caused in a unique way. Such familiarity with self freedom precedes any doctrine about human freedom. When such familiarity faces the recurrent elements, man cannot deal with them and, for this reason, attempts to expel them from his life as results of sume general laws of the world.

The familiarity with freedom contradicts the recurrent processes. It is a self contradiction felt especially by someone who deliberately wants to write by himself the course of his life. He has to calculate the chances of living according to his will in a world that appears as following recurrent processes. The contradiction is often solved by adopting the belief in an already written course of life. The freedom ceases to oppose to the determined world.

The torment of not knowing which is your predetermined life is considerable lesser than that provoked by the feeling of self contradiction. For one who believes in a predetermined fate is encouraged by the fact that the things of world appear in the firm manner of being written. On the contrary, one who faces the contradiction is forced to accept a life order in which the first role is played by the spoken language. The claim of freedom undertakes the volatile character of spoken words, since it is obliged to ignore the things that always return through a salient ignorance of all the possessors of language.

If we do not believe in any doctrine of freedom, there remains the possibility of conceiving our lives as ones that have the volatile character of spoken words or as ones that retreat themselves in the firmness of the written words. If we prefer the last conception, many reverberant feelings fed by the spoken words will disappear. Thus, there will be more chances to give birth to firm thoughts, closer to the firmness of the world. Such firm thoughts make the thinker an alien for the community of speakers.