joi, 9 februarie 2012

Note on the Cognitive Interest

When someone is bent to know a particular thing, he could not be satisfied in knowing that that thing lays so firm by itself, so that is contrary to his state of preoccupation.

Perhaps the things that present themselves to us as self-sufficient, as there are the scientific data or the everyday events, will never succeed in rising a real cognitive interest.

Though the knowledge of natural sciences and the information about daily events dominate other kinds of knowledge, they cause by such domination a more salient exposition of the needs of a cognitive interest, since there is possible for everyone to overlook all that dominant knowledge in order to be concerned to his own life; a life that can be also interpreted as a cognitive experience. It is the experience that benefits at most from men’s interest.

To approach the cognitive interest for life does not downgrade the philosophical discourse to trivial matters, because they are accounted for by the everyday information. In fact, without any required reference to what means the individual life, such approach has to orientate to those things that always decay, move, or change both concerning their state or our own state of knowledge, in each case thing that is like our cognitive preoccupation.

It would not result a corpus of interesting data, but a knowledge that brings out in a higher degree the human thought.