marți, 14 februarie 2012

Note on Inner Scrutiny

When someone is asked about his opinion about a certain matter, his first attempt is to find a place for his opinion in the domain suggested by that matter.

The domain always appears vaguely, with no clear demarcation between things, words, and persons involved.

To place immediately an opinion in a confusing bundle of aspects related to a certain matter becomes a clear act only if it is considered in its operation of positing an opinion.

An inner scrutiny for reaching to a personal opinion can be wrongly directed for obtaining the same kind of clarity. Someone opens a supposed inner space of thinking for disclosing the power of positing his own opinion or belief, but it is ignored the primary necessity of eliminating the confusing domain he meets in the question. So, the inner scrutiny shows to be an easy enterprise that requires only a greater attention to your feelings.

On the contrary, a right inner scrutiny demands for a primary delimitation of a certain domain. In this case, what counts as an inner investigation is the power of overcoming a confusing state. It would be a vague self that can be hardly recognized in the things, words or persons, which are posited in their own places.