sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2012

Note on Justification and Quantity

What we generally consider as given facts, objects, and persons, needs a justification or a sufficient reason for being attested as belonging to what does exist for us.

There is not a cognitive skepticism until we receive such justification, but a cognitive indifference.

The cognitive indifference gives birth to a series of deeds and statements that attest the lack of knowledge. It is always possible to speak about unknown things.

Because the justification is not causal, but rather quantifiable through the degree of being implied in some fact, of using a thing – our shoes exist for us because we use them - , or living with others, the adequate measure seems to be the quantity in abstracto, though it is a determinate quantity.

As a result of such confusion, there is often falsely believed that we know a fact, a thing, or a person just for the fact we can use a lot of words about them.