luni, 6 februarie 2012

Note on Mixed Things

The things that are in a state of mixture support those beliefs about them that pretend to be independent points of view. For instance, many moral statements or decisions, even those that contradict each other, are supported by the facts that are mixed in the area of human behavior.

Only the man who expresses his belief is not supported by the mixed things. His belief is a way to find support in things by neglecting his own unsupported position.

Along with the renouncement to his vulnerable position, especially when is hastily done, he abandons his deeply involvement in the mixed things he treats or about which he decides, since we should admit that the man as a thinker has an apart position, though full of doubts, than the things different from him have.

Therefore, for making a better start in discovering his own thought, one should refrain from referring to mixed things.