sâmbătă, 18 februarie 2012

Objectivity and Moderation

Both the self-denial and the self-confidence in human relationship with the world are out of the control exercised by moderation.

Each of them left that self that is able to temper the excesses by its neutral status. Neutrality means a state of indifference to any part involved in a problem; to be neutral to yourself means to be indifferent to your self. As a result, there is inadequate to claim the existence of a ‘self’ of moderation.

The reason invoked as a guarantee of moderation occupies the place of indifference to your self. It is suggested that reason undertakes all that means ‘self’.

But reason of moderation remains different from any kind of selves. It brings an amount of things that are objects of calculation on a field, where the self is striving to configure its independence to things. Thus, self-denial means that someone keeps him apart from the things he cannot reach, while self-confidence means that someone keeps himself above the things he needs not to reach.

It seems that only by self-denial and self-confidence the things are approached as things that are different from the human self. And, as a consequence, the objectivity can be attained through an excess regarding the way someone conceives himself.

The tranquility instilled by a moderate scientific view of the world cannot provide an objective point of view. Things of the world and the knowing man are mixed in an indefinite way, till to the point that is always forgotten that the scientific language belongs to us, not to the world.