sâmbătă, 17 martie 2012

Music and Marginality

Music is a marginal thing among human realities. Who could place it near reputed realities as politics, morality, or scientific knowledge?

When it grows and conquers individuals and makes some to believe that it is a primary reality, there is not lost its marginal character. That character is reflected in the descending and ascending movements of music, never met in the ever firm position of a reputed human reality.

On the contrary, music instills marginality in the core of human reality that is represented by each human being. Afterwards, such marginality is spread over all the human realities, as long as they depend on each individual consent. For instance, if morality would exclude a single man from its sphere of application, it will cease to be available as a whole.

 Music affects with marginality especially the confidence in the sound of words that express the principal human realities. In the same way, visual arts affect the powerful images those realities promote.