marți, 13 martie 2012

Note on Knowledge and Competition

The competition between knowers always spreads over the things known.

Thus, Plato’s image of cave, where the prisoners are in competition for knowledge from the beginning to the end of the story, is paralleled by the hierarchical view of the supreme principle, where the Good prevails over being and knowledge.

However, the competition between men should not establish a competition in the things known, as if they were entangled in a fight for dominating each other.

Being admitted that the ever existent objects of knowledge lay always in their position,  any attempt of ordering them will attempt to identify the things that stay most firmly unmoved in their places.

Since the movement of the objects of knowledge is caused by the movement of the human competition for knowledge, the firmest things would be those that do not feed such movement.

Therefore, the reputed certainties ever invoked in human debates and also the highest moral values that support the discourses about   human reality cannot be considered as benchmarks for ordering things.