miercuri, 7 martie 2012

Note on Volitional Knowledge

If the general terms can be accused for their inadequacy to concrete, particular realities, though they save any inquiry into particulars for not being diminished by the objects it investigates.

More than their systematizing role in the knowledge of particulars, they act upon the researchers of particulars, saving them from not wrongly consider that the life of a knower is limited to the little things known.

Who could be confined to his research of particulars, if he would not know that it is performed in the name of some higher realities, as it is, for instance, the value of knowledge as such?

Therefore the old philosophical problem of locating the general notions in human mind – Forms, ideas, categories, or concepts – could be solved by placing them in the realm of volitional knowledge.

While we are ready to admit that volitional acts toward feeling pleasure are originated in some bodily senses, for volitional knowledge we should take into account something as the whole of the body as its source. Because the general terms used in knowledge express a desire of the knower to be placed in its entirety on a firm position that will be unaffected by particulars.