joi, 8 martie 2012

Subjectivity and Autobiography

The philosophical fight with subjectivity is primarily the fight with our autobiographies.

Because rarely we meet definite personal points of view regarding the matters we want to discuss in an objective manner. We have instead a bundle of facts of life that resist to the austerity of an objective account of reality.

Since those facts contribute to a story of our life always yet to be written, the so called subjective points of view are sheer attempts to stop the course of facts. It is stopped in a wrong way, when it is suggested that the facts are only some extensions to our subjective opinions.

The antagonistic pair of subjectivity and objectivity makes forgotten the fact that the autobiography is the starting point of opposition. And as a farther consequence, it is also forgotten that an objective account of reality has not to prevail over subjective points of view, but over the incessant life of an autobiographical story.

The autobiography is defeated whenever an objective account of reality is able to be viewed as a rightful vocabulary for reading our lives, instead of the subjective beliefs that propose themselves as rules of living and deny the reality of facts.