luni, 9 aprilie 2012

Morality, Temporality

Temporality is the main enemy of morality, not the immorality.

It is the temporality belonging to human facts or to human life as a whole.

The succession of life events can easily serve as a replacement for the conclusive succession sought through moral commands and decisions. What the last ones want to produce in human life, namely a change in the way of living, is produced by itself through the simple succession of life events.

From this reason, morality often fought with the indifference to any change in life. The indifference makes room to the unnamed changes that occupy the human disposition to submit to explicit moral changes.

The lack of unnamed changes of life is their distance to the sphere of language; many times, they are not considered worthy for being told farther. Meanwhile, morality is bent to consume its will for changing lives in that sphere of language which is abandoned by unnamed changes.