vineri, 13 aprilie 2012

Note on Being Ashamed of Body

Someone who chooses an intellectual life may feel ashamed because of the permanent presence of body; especially, when intellectual progressive achievements confront a similar progressive decay of the body.

These contradictory directions of progress are paralleled by a contradiction of their stabile points. While intellectual principles give someone the power of escaping from his subjective thoughts to objective ones, bodily processes that resist to any change absorbs into them the power of any individual. So does the process of breathing, since the man is finally absorbed into his last breath.

This second contradiction is shameful for the man dedicated to an intellectual life rather when he looks to other’s bodily existence. When others are seen retreating in their body, the elevated intellectual purposes in domain of morality – as it is the spirit of altruism, the implicit claim of teaching others by your manifested intellectual knowledge, or even the immoral goal of dominating others by your intellectual skill – are exposed in their futility.

Thus, to be ashamed of the body also means to be ashamed of others. Such overlapping of the objects of shame might help someone to know that taking his bodily existence into an intellectual account he will learn something about others, not only about him.