miercuri, 4 aprilie 2012

Note on Learning

Someone may learn very well some matters without having any knowledge about what means to learn them.

If there are known the procedures of knowledge or simply the ‘how’ of learning, it does not mean that the meaning of learning certain matters is also known. Because the meaning of learning should lay somewhere outside of the learning process itself.

The matters of learning, the teacher, and the disciple occupy that outer dimension of learning. They occupy it disorderly or at least without the clear order of the learning process.

Therefore, for finding the meaning of learning some particular matters, we cannot display a unitary explanation by pointing out the value of learning for disciple’s development, for teacher’s social role, or emphasizing the value of those matters for human development.

We rather come to know that learning some things has ever an obscure meaning accordingly to its specific disorder. The obscurity is the result of the ongoing occurrence of unlearnt matters during life. They impose themselves to any element of the process of learning with a force that is able to destabilize the firm confidence in learning. And they show what is the meaning of learning some matters by contesting it.

For instance, we know better the value of learning scientific matters, if we take into account the stages of life when we confront some unlearnt shortcomings as illness or death. The disciple and the teacher of those matters are commonly disturbed by such failures of life, so that we must question how they succeed in confronting illness and death by their assumed statuses.