vineri, 6 aprilie 2012

Note on the Theories about Man

Maybe the efficiency of a theory about human beings is determined by its power to not speak about man.

Thus, the religious views of man may efficiently convert people due to their ability to show that man is not the final point of the discourse.

 The abundance and the tumult of discourses about particular men in daily life need to be stopped for approaching a state of efficiency.

The efficiency – from Latin efficere (to accomplish) – could not be found in the register of discourses that are bound to generate other discourses, even if the generated discourses are words of confirmation. Discourses cannot accomplish something else than other discourses. Therefore, a conspicuous discourse about man exposes a spoken man or makes its auditors to conceive themselves as spoken men.

The efficiency primarily belongs to man’s life and the efficient theories about him only remind about it, they cannot generate it.