marți, 26 iunie 2012

On Gods' Creation of Identities

The memory of disappeared persons from one’s life is in a fragmentary condition. There are facts, features, or words which memory recalls, but never the remembered person as a whole.

However, when questioned about the object of his or her memories, anybody would answer that there was recalled in memory that person.

If it is the case of a living person, it seems that she is viewed as a now far master of fragments she leaved in our memory. Moreover, she is considered as dominating our memory or, more precisely, the states of consciousness when we show up our inconsistency as beings with a strong identity that live and master the present time. By remembering we divide our identity in the present time, so that our existence could be described as a coalescence of fragments.

There are many similar conditions to the state of remembering. We cannot recall our identity when is physically damaged by illness or affected by various forms of sufferance.

Without any other person that could take over our fragmentized identity, there are often invoked divine beings. Gods are deemed to establish identities to men even when their identity is in continual decaying.