marți, 31 iulie 2012

Lie and False Statement

The lie is not only an ‘intentionally false statement’ (COED).

Or, the intention does not concern only the false statement, but the liar himself as the one who is ready to advance his belief in the realm of statements; a realm which is characterized by the existence of a community of living authors of statements. Though the speakers may contradict each other, they also mutually support themselves in the community they create.

In this case, the lie is not primarily a subjective means of deceiving others. It is the expression of a movement from the lifeless and singular state of the liar to the living and plural community of speakers.

From this reason, a lie can be produced against its own author. He might live as if he would be confident in the truth of his statements, just for the fact that his lies benefit from the living community of speaker, even if it disapproves his claims.

The liar can interpret the truths against his lies as valuable resources for offering them a greater degree of life in the community of speakers.

Thus, the persistent lies often come to integrate in them a great amount of truths, so that the pronouncement of truths cannot shake a construction which has already included them.

Accordingly, when the liar uses his statements for occulting the truths, he does not attack the truths themselves, but wants to take them under the frame of his lies. Also, he does not attack the persons he lies, but in fact needs them for supporting with life his false statements.

Meanwhile, the sincere man needs to add to his true statements the power of being parts of a community of true living speakers. He must provide ‘intentionally true statements’. Again, his intention does not regard only the true statements.  He has to put in them his own effort for becoming a living member of the community of speakers. Therefore, the truths issued by a sincere man have a degree of subjectivity not shared by the truths of someone who does not put to himself the problem of sincerity. Anyway, the last truths are more liable to be conquered by lies; the myths are only seldom fettered by pure objective truths.