miercuri, 25 iulie 2012

Note on Divine Societies

One’s comfort in the social life is conditioned by the impossibility to clearly discriminate the social life as social life.

As long one questions himself about his social relations or speaks about them in a theoretical fashion, he makes room to the discomfort of doubting their reality. When the different relations with definite individuals are put together under the notion of ‘social life’, it is sure that they lose their identity.

In fact, the social comfort is felt at best when we know about the social life only the names and the lives of our companions.

The ignorance of other farther details can be easily speculated by those who strive for persuading us that we can share a social community even with beings about which we do not know anything else than their names.

The religions often offer long lists of names for their gods and saints. Thus, there are instituted divine and ecclesiastic societies. Because the life together with such divine beings cannot be assured by the sheer knowledge of their names, the social life becomes a subject matter of theoretical arguments. Social life is religiously preached through moral discourses; with the effect of propagating the social discomfort and the misunderstanding the individuals as individuals.