luni, 23 iulie 2012

Objectivity and Scepticism

The source of objectivity is the strong will to represent the things of the world in the manner they do not speak to anyone.

But the same silence is proper to imaginary things and beings. Also, the believer in imaginary things forces himself for presenting a strong will. It is the will to believe, which is supported by the thought that is the will of the imaginary beings, too.

For preventing an irreconcilable fight between two wills, the objective point of view must withdraw the claim of expressing the will of things, too.

As simple as it is, the recognition of the fact that things do not speak to us and do not have a will makes difficult the position of the objective man. He is obliged to admit a certain degree of scepticism in his objective knowledge, since he knows that the things keep silence. Nonetheless, he has to live with the uncomfortable fact of knowing that his will is not supported to another will.

A most frequented solution to such loneliness of the will is to spread an objective belief to others in order to create a community of strong wills. For a successful transmission of any belief, it is cleaned by any shadow of uncertainty. Thus, the original scepticism of an objective point of view disappears.

Finally, the chorus of wills for objectivity can easily be heard as that of the wills for believing in imaginary things and beings.