luni, 20 august 2012

Egoistical Conversions

The conversion is not possible in the terms of an overall change of existence according to some higher principles or divine beings.

However, many claim that their life is entirely changed by a religious adhesion and even demonstrate this throughout their life. In such cases, it can be observed that the conversion is actually done in each relevant circumstance of life. A converted man has to prove his change in any act of life, since the conversion promised to be for a life which is composed of such particular acts. He has to change his former habits of treating the similar circumstances and the solutions offered by non-religious men.

Thus, there are as much conversions as such circumstances of life.

The primary conversion does not function as a powerful source for the secondary conversions. For the circumstances that require the conversions cannot be anticipated or encapsulated into the primarily conversion which is often constituted by a sheer intellectual adhesion to some beliefs.

In the various conversions, from the primary act of conversion is kept rather the wish for changing than the content of the primary beliefs. Even when they are invoked by the converted man, they cannot act with that force they had in the beginning (usually, they appear only as justifications).

Because the life itself changes the man, the continual wish for changing betrays an intention to build another life: a life which can be easily put under our personal control. For such interest, someone is ready to deny both himself as he was in the past and others’ ways of life.

Therefore, when the religious man claims that his life is devoted to God, he really concealed a harsh egoistical view of life.