vineri, 31 august 2012

Lovers and Divine Love

Maybe the human love helps religion more than religion helps men to love each other.

In human love, the feelings and thoughts are needed to be spoken about, even if they are not fully developed or have not a precise nature.

Almost as a natural impulse, the lovers need to express by words their feelings and thoughts. Perhaps they are afraid of not loosing their love if what concerns it remains unspoken.

And nobody would say that such a natural impulse of speaking about things that are really unspeakable or even inexistent is an error.

The tolerance to lovers’ errors was taken over by religion for being absolved for its discourses about inexistent things. Its use of language is closer to that of lovers, and further to that of scientific discourse. It is not surprisingly that many believers claim to be lovers of God.

On its turn, the mystical dimension of love is meant to help the human love of not being afraid that it could finish altogether. God is presented as the ultimate guarantee for our love and the language as a means of fighting with the decay of love becomes futile. It is showed that the most precious use of language is for praying and, thus, for addressing to someone who is not a human being.