duminică, 12 august 2012

No Answers

What do we do when we do not receive an answer to one of our questions?

We repeat, abandon, forget the question, or, most bothering, we are further concerned with that question.

In each case, the worry of questioning again or the peaceful renouncement belongs to us and not to the object of our question or to the questioned person.

It is in fact a return to us from the former attempt to discover an answer from others.

The religions admit that human beings still possess questions about their life which are not answered by divinity. They hold that the puzzlement should be assumed as a state wished by the divinity we have questioned. Moreover, it is supposed that our worries or peace should be related again to the silent divinity.

All of these are contrary to the common practice of questioning. And it seems that such explanations are accepted just for the fact that the return to ourselves after we do not receive an answer is more difficult to be accepted, though it is always done even by the religious believers.

Because it is difficult to accept the loneliness, the disappointment, and the slightly egoistical character of any return to yourself.