sâmbătă, 4 august 2012

Note on Goodness

The false appearance of goodness has much in common with the goodness itself.

Both of them must appear in social life, because the goodness for your own sake takes the risk of becoming only a sort of self-pride.

And both of them hide something: the false appearance of goodness a hostile attitude and the goodness the time when someone chooses between the good or bad direction of his actions.

[The goodness which is not preceded by deliberation is not a real goodness, since it is not the result of a rational process. And if the goodness would publicly expose the deliberative process, it would assume the evil of spreading doubts over the power of goodness. ]

Caught in the middle of alternatives, the goodness cannot claim a consistent hidden state from which it appears, as easily can pretend the false appearance of goodness.

And maybe the high value of goodness is just its lack of anything that could support it.

When the goodness is justified by its divine origin could be only a way of affirming that it does not derive from anything.