marți, 28 august 2012

Note on the Moral Tedium

For being finally faithful to some moral values, there is no need of an authority beyond individuals.

The individuals may become faithful in virtue of the tedium of being unfaithful. Because it is hard and exhausting to fight with those moral values which are preached and claimed by everybody around you.

The tiresomeness plays the role of a moral authority.

And such tiresomeness should not be accused of frivolity, since it is an affective answer to the natural decay of body.

The decline of body does not imply a gradual loss of personality, but it makes the man to collect all the possible sources of authority in order to become stronger. It is a power acquired by a process of retiring from the outer contexts in which the personality is menaced of being affected by external causes. The tedious fight with the moral values is such a context.

The language is the bodily function which is minimally affected by the natural decay. From this reason, many can speak vigorously about their faithfulness to the moral values, though they would not keep them if they were not tired.