luni, 27 august 2012

Others' Material Remains

If someone did not leave to us any material trace after his disappearance from our life, how much we will be able to reconstitute him only through our memories?

According to the opinion that the relations between men are founded on spiritual or psychological bases, it should be easy to remember the lost ones almost as much as we could do when they were in our nearby.

In fact, their remembrance depends on our will to remember them. Their spiritual remains which are kept in our involuntary memories and in dreams cannot help us to rebuild them in that entirety of their personality which affected us before their disappearance. We need also the will to remember them. Our will becomes a unifying factor. And it is also worthy to be noticed that we are those who recreate the personality of the lost people, and not their spiritual aura left to us. They are often and easily modified according to our will.

Nonetheless, the same will is required when we have from them material traces. But such material remains refrain our will from exceeding in others’ reconstruction. The things without their possessors become useless to some extent. And that uselessness keeps us aware of the impossibility to use the lost ones in our behalf. Their things do not allow us to make from them items of our personal feelings.

If we generalize such an experience, then we should admit that the material nature plays a greater role in human interrelations than the spiritual or psychological ties. At least, the material nature provides the means for not reducing others to our own processes of mind.