duminică, 5 august 2012

Showing Your Morality

To show others your morality is more difficult than to be moral. And to not show it to others means to not be moral altogether, since the concealed moral life is just a way of comforting your ego.

It is difficult, because men are poorly prepared for integrating in their common life the uncommon appearance of a moral man.

The veneration of divine goodness testifies about it. The uncommon divine realm confirms that the goodness cannot really occur in the common life where there is no place for veneration.

While the effort of becoming moral is primarily a fight with yourself and, therefore, a well known territory to be conquered, the strive for showing your morality confronts the difficulty to explore the unknown of others’ various personalities.

There are few ways of avoiding such lack of knowledge. It is the insidious wish of knowing others, but it puts someone away from morality, even when it is done by reducing others to general types. It is the assumption of ignorance, but it puts someone in the comic situation of showing his morality in ridiculous ways, as children do.

Another solution is to believe that those others are not known to you, but they are known by a divine being. It would replace your lack of knowledge with its omniscience, but also it would dismiss your effort of showing your morality to others, often by dismissing the moral effort itself.