miercuri, 22 august 2012

Women, Slaves, and Thoughts

The Christians were accused that they firstly attracted the weak people, by recruiting slaves and women.

Besides their reclaimed weakness, a woman and a slave of Roman Empire were persons who saw that they were put at the bottom of the social system, but also they felt that they cannot belong to such a place.

This feeling has nothing to do with weakness. It is rather a feeling that joins any human activity which does not drive to concrete material achievements. Only the material achievements put an end to human efforts and enclosed them in the things done. Otherwise, it does not exist strong spiritual structures to which we can deliver our ongoing spiritual efforts.

Our words and thoughts cannot subscribe to any classification. For instance, when they are classified by others as bad or good ones, our living mind which is able to issue infinitely many other words and thoughts will give us the feeling that such classification is wrong. In the name of the unending activity of mind, we cannot agree that a part of it can be reduced to some definite categories.

As it was the case for those ancient women and slaves, the religion does not make the man free from such a feeling. While they were pacified with the hope in a future freedom after death, the men are generally made to believe that their feeling is just a temporary one. Again after death, the men would understand that their words and thoughts were in fact able to provide them a place in a divine realm which is as concrete as a material place. Therefore, it is not surprising that great minds which produced a lot of thoughts and words became Christians, too.