luni, 3 septembrie 2012

Love against the Meaning of Life

The human love discourages the attempt of conceiving men as beings which follow a superior goal or meaning of their life.

When it is still not achieved, the ideal of love seems to be a form of longing for a higher state of life together with the beloved ones.

But when the love is actually lived, it proves to be a form of refuting from the common life all that attracts any of the individuals who love each other for a higher state than their actual state of love.

The renouncements to the personal ideals for a peaceful common life and the care for the beloved ones are two salient instances of living together without the need of discovering a personal meaning of life.

Since man is a social being, we have all the reasons to define it as a being which searches for protecting its existence against the doubts raised at once with the problem of a personal meaning of life.

Though there are many who keep themselves wondering about the meaning of life, we have not a convincing argument for saying that it is a natural preoccupation of human beings. On the contrary, we might say that they are defective exemplars of human race or that they have not well developed the natural feature of loving others.