duminică, 11 noiembrie 2012

Confused Sexuality

The opposite of sexuality is not the continence and its supposed purity, but the purity in discerning between the concerns for your own person and those for others.

Surely, because sexuality appears as a confusion in someone’s life. Thus, the individual intimacy is known from other contexts of life as a private affair and a subject of concealing from anybody else and still the sexual desire shows that intimacy has to be shared with others.

Moreover, the habit of helping others has nothing to do with the egoistical feeling of satisfaction which is implied by the sexual act, though, the closest relation between human beings.

When the sexuality is not clearly subordinated to a different kind of relation between individuals, it leads the human lives into a continual game of confusions. Thus, someone may misunderstand his or her personal interests through sexuality or may confound through it the real beloved persons.

And all these confusions are known as confusions only when someone tries to explain the unexplainable choices of his life concerning the relations with other persons. Until then, the confused sexuality replaces the purity of judging your life with the clarity of living as such.