joi, 8 noiembrie 2012

Note on Resignation

The resignation with unfulfilled goals of life and great failures in dealing with life cannot mean the acceptance of an empty space inside of our lives.

Because any resignation is in fact a way to move our look to other things than those which were unfulfilled.

And such move is caused by the precedent failure, so that we are in right to claim that our resignation is another way by which the untouched thing still works in us.

It works in the salient manner of resignation. A peaceful resignation which drives us to the smooth activities of daily life speaks about the compatibility between the unfulfilled goals and the simple life.

And there can be hardly found any supreme goal of life which cannot release the poor aspirant for comforting himself in trivial things. Therefore, there are not many reasons for worrying that we are forced to live an ignoble life if we do not touch our ideals. They always live with us among the trivial things with which give us consolation.