luni, 5 noiembrie 2012

Note on Social Anxiety

The social anxiety does not necessarily come from someone’s unfit character for living inside the community.

In fact, there are two more important causes: the lack of skill in playing the game of social life and the absence of the disposition of playing it.

It is a game because the social life offers a span of possibilities and it never guarantees for the success of their achievement. There is always presupposed an amount of risk and any failure points to the fact that it does not exist a stable and reliable social life, even if we grow up with such belief (Who would learn to speak if there would not exist the firmest belief in a stable social life which expects this skill from us?).

Against the disposition of playing such game lays our own physical life. Our body continually exists with no delay or risk of failure, excepting the risk of dying, which is rarely felt in actual life.

If we strengthen our personality as much as it is our physical existence (without dramatic changes or deviations), then we are less glad for playing the game of social life.